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Animoon is a producing company for animated series, and short and full-length animated films.  We specialise in developments of animated projects, and create animated brands.

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Animoon produces animated projects of high artistic and narrative quality, mainly based on original ideas.

Portfolio of the studio consists of short, and full-length animated films, and animated series, with projects dedicated to a wide audience – starting from the youngest, through teenage viewers, families and adults

Animoon works closely with executive producers who specialise in different animation techniques, thus the artistic variety of the studio’s portfolio. Animoon’s production are made thinking about viewers from Poland and from abroad. Each one of our projects is developed and promoted as a separate brand.

Animation helps to portray the world of imagination and make it understandable for others.

Animation helps to open oneself to the work of many talented people. It’s an incredibly inspiring field, focusing in itself so many creative careers.

Developments/ we enhance ideas /

Studio specialises in development of projects.

Commisioned, we can realise a thorough development process of animated projects, regardless the format. We work with experienced creators – screenwriters, script doctors, and authors of graphic delivering – designers of characters and illustrations. We develop the project, bringing it from the idea stage into production.


Smodo/ motion capture for dolls /

SMODO is an innovative stop-motion technology which connects the classic puppet animation with the newest ways of portraying movements. Using SMODO, instead of with a puppet, the animator works with its armature equipped in colourful markers. A special marker tracking system brings the armature pose into a 3D software, in which the armature is merged with a digital puppet model. In effect, on the computer screen the animation artist can see the whole puppet, just like in classic animation. SMODO technology guarantees cost-reduction, post-production stage shortening, and simplifying the work on the filmset. SMODO is also an innovative education tool. The technology idea originated with Grzegorz Wacławek, who is also responsible for it’s further development, together with Pelican Capture Sp. Z.o.o (Limited Liability Company).

More informations about the SMODO technology


Momli/ app for the youngest /

MOMLI is a mobile app dedicated for the youngest kids in preschool age (3-6). The app gives access to animations and songs in english, all high quality content in graphic design, music and text. The app is accessible on smartphones and tablets, and guarantees safe-view access. Momli is supported by the Momli Vevo channel on YouTube, where all of the songs, trailers and some episodes will be published.

More informations about the MOMLI


SFA/ The Film Animation Association /

The Film Animation Association (SFA) was formed out of a strong passion combined with experience and knowledge, which we want to share with lovers of film animation. We wish to reach people of all ages for whom animation can be the beginning of an entirely new chapter in life.

Our mission is to educate and demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of animation and the uniqueness of the artists that it brings together. Through workshops and meetings with outstanding screenwriters, illustrators, and animators, we offer insights into industry secrets and explain the ins and outs of the business.


The Film Animation Association

ul.Dwernickiego 8/11

27-200 Starachowice


NIP 6642143951

KRS 0000830002

regon 385594633





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/ Meet the ones who create the studio /

About Us

Grzegorz Wacławek / Piotr Szczepanowicz

We are a group of enthusiastic and experienced animation creative producers from Poland with an extensive portfolio of works in various formats, ready to face new challenges.

Cartoon Movie 2022 Tribute Producer of the Year 

Grzegorz Wacławek

producer, CEO

Grzegorz Wacławek – producer, director and scriptwriter of animated films. CEO of Animoon and creator of SMODO technology. Grzegorz graduated from Animation at the Polish National Film School in Łódź and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His debut came with the 2010 short „Beyond the Old Age”. Films and series he produces at Animoon have brought him over 70 awards and numerous nominations including the 2020 Annie Awards nomination for multi-awarded ACID RAIN by Tomek Popakul. He is a multiple-time jury member of Polish and international festivals and an active member of the Polish Producers Guild, Polish Animation Producers Association and Polish Producers Alliance.

Piotr Szczepanowicz

producer, partner

Piotr Szczepanowicz – director, screenwriter and producer of animated films. He graduated animation at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He is a producer of many multi-awarded animated film projects such as „Ziegenort”, „Acid Rain”, “The Impossible Figures and Other Stories” trilogy. He is a co-producer of full-length animated films “Kill it and leave this Town”, “Even Mice Belong in Heaven”. He often works as director and creator of animated series. Together with Grzegorz Wacławek, they were awarded as The Best Short Film Producers during Krakow Film Festival. In years 2014-2016 he worked in the Polish Film Institute as an expert.

Karolina Sendecka

production manager

She graduated from the Film Art Organisation Production department in the Polish National Film School of Łódź. As a production manager and a set manager she worked on short and full-length films, and advertisements. In Animoon she is responsible among others for the production of „I LOVE THIS” series. Since 2020 she is the Head of Association of Film Animation.



Kasia Panas

production manager

She graduated from Film and Culture Management Studies at the Jagiellonian University. During her studies, she was Vice-President of All In UJ, one of the biggest student organizations in Poland, where her project „Jagiellonian Film’s Evenings” was awarded for the Best Student’s Culture Projects in the national PZU’s competition. For years she creates and manages cultural and film events, including five editions of Bytom Film Festival. In Animoon she works as production and special projects manager.

Maks Piłasiewicz

production manager

He graduated from Cultural Studies – Science of Culture (Visual Anthropology) at the Institute of Polish Culture in Warsaw University. His experience includes events like Reykjavik International Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Transatlantic Festival, Cinema in Sneakers. He cooperates as a programmer of Iceland Documentary Film Festival and ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival. He used to coordinate lots of films and events projects. Since 2020 he works in Animoon as a production manager, he overlooks international co-productions and projects’ development.

Dominika Krysiewicz

production assistant

She graduated from graphic design and animation from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology as well as Polish philology at the Faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University. Dominika is an enthusiast of stop-motion animation. She participated in SMODO project, including animation market in Annecy, also she was an intern in the crew of full-lenght film „Even mice belong in heaven” in Prague. She joined Animoon’s team in October 2020 and work as a production assistant.

Anna Głowińska

production manager

Anna Głowińska graduated from Lumière Lyon 2 University in France, where she studied Arts, specialty Film & Theatre. For 12 years she has been engaged as a festival producer and film programmer with the International Animated Film Festival Animator, the largest animation event in Poland. She has acted as jury and selection committee member for several festivals and curated screenings for various events and institutions including FilmPOLSKA (Berlin), Punto y Raya (Reykjavik) and National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Anna collaborates as speaker and educator with the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! as well as New Horizons of Film Education.

Malwina Kostrzewa

production assistant

Malwina has developed her knowledge while working with feature film producers – first at WFDiF, then at TOR Film Studio. She has also collaborated with film students, producing their short films and has also worked in advertising. Her passion for film started while working at the Camerimage festival, with whom she has continued to work with as an audience coordinator since 2016. She has also used her acquired skills at Kino Muranów where she currently works. Working at the ANIMARKT forum started her adventure with the world of animation. From 2022 so has worked with Animoon as an assistant producer.


production assistant junior

Lusia is the youngest Animoon member. Her duties concern mainly representation. She is our everyday companion and she participates in all key meetings during which she always inspires and cheers everyone up. Her energetic character and utterly positive attitude are priceless for Animoon team. Privately, Lusia is a huge fan of Flo the seal and her biggest dream is to become an inspiration for one of our series.


Animoon is a producer of multi-awarded

films so far awarded over 80 times.

Our films were screened at more than

150 most prestigious festivals all over the world

and reach even a million viewers annually.



The Producer of the Year 2022 for minority co-production “Even Mice belong in Heaven” together with Czech Republic’s Fresh Films, France’s Les Films du Cygne, Slovakia’s Cinemart (2022)



“III” selected for the official short film competition and nominated for the Palme d’Or (2018)


The world’s most prestigious award in animation:


„ACID RAIN” nominated in Best Short Subject category (2020)


„Moomins and the Winter Wonderland” among 26 feature animation Oscar contenders (2017)


„ACID RAIN” long-listed for the Oscars (2019)



Animoon Sp. z o.o.

ul. Chmielna 24/24

00-020 Warszawa





NIP 525 256 11 66

KRS 0000471205

regon 146797034

Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie,

XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego

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