project finished

full-lenght animated film

70 min



director: Anna Błaszczyk

script: Emilia Nędzi, Aleksandra Świerk
created by: Grzegorz Wacławek

based on a book: „Hug me please” by Przemysław Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak

music: Łukasz Targosz

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Zofia Jaroszuk

supervising producer: Zofia Jaroszuk
production manager: Karolina Barciszewska

production: Animoon sp. z o.o. (Poland)

co-production: Animex (China), Fixafilm (Poland)

sales agent: Urban Sales

Polish distribution: Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty

Film financially supported by the Polish Film Institute

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production

/ Project description /

A day before his birthday growing up Teddy dreams of experiencing his first big adventure – a journey to the legendary Golden Land. On the contrary Daddy seems far less excited as he prefers to spend time indoors, having some long and relaxing naps. In order to fulfill his dream, Teddy will have to convince Daddy that a journey to Golden Land can be enjoyable for both of them and what is more – that he is mature enough to start a real adventure. Following some mysterious tips given by the bees the Bears will reach the edge of the forest, where they will confront the biggest puzzle – the mesmerising yet puzzling world of humans.