project in development

animated 2D series

format 52 x 7 min


series idea: Karolina Sendecka and Joanna Figarska

direction: Magdalena Pilecka

writers: Karolina Sendecka, Joanna Figarska

visual design: Ewa Rogalska

script consultations: Jacek Rembiś, Kinga Krzemińska

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek
production manager: Karolina Sendecka

co-producers: Karolina Sendecka, Joanna Figarska

production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.

/ Project description /

Megi the weasel and Zigi the quokka are best friends, and together they run the well-known online channel ‘MegiZigiDance’, in which they show accounts of their dancing journeys. In each episode, the characters travel to a new location with the help of an original magical dance to present a different type/style of dance related to the region they land in.


Through dance, Megi and Zigi solve the problems of the animals they meet on their way. Through them they also learn new dance steps and how to deal with unexpected situations.


“Megi Zigi Dance” is a series full of adventures involving dance, great journeys and social media that are an integral part of Megi and Zigi’s lives.