project finished

2D animated series

format 52 x 11 min 




director: Nicolas Le Nevè

screenplay: Alice Boucherit, Anaïs Lebeau, Benjamin Le Bars, Cédric Bacconnier, Clément Le Strat, Eugene Laufenbberg, Hadrien Krasker, Jean-Philippe Robin, Julien Gallet, Laura Macler, Mathieu Bouckenhove, Nicolas Le Neve, Pascal Stervinou screenplay, Pierre-Gilles Stehr, Rèmi Verriere, Renaud Gagnon, Romuald Boulanger, Sèbastien Besson, Simon Lecocq, Sophie Lodwitz, Sylvain Bousquet, Valèrie Chappellet, Vincent De Mul, Xavier Vairè, Yann Ropars, Mèlanie Furne Corbizet

concept: La vie en splip’ – Stave Baker

production: Studio Redfrog (FR), Agent Double (BE)

co-produced by Animoon (PL)


Filmed in the Republic of Poland with the support provided through the act on financial support for audio-visual production by the Polish Film Institute and funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


/ Project description /

“SMARTY PANTS” is an animated adaptation of the famous French comic strip by Steve Baker, which humorously tells the story of the troubles of early school-age children, their struggles with their need to belong and be accepted in their peer group, their sense of pressure and their blindness to meet the artificial expectations imposed by their environment.