project in development

animated 2D series

format 26 x 6 min



director: Jacek Rokosz

script: Emilia Nędzi

script consulting: Zofia Jaroszuk, Karolina Barciszewska

concept development: Zofia Jaroszuk, Karolina Barciszewska

illustrations: Hilli Kushnir 
producer: Grzegorz Wacławek
supervising producer: Zofia Jaroszuk

production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.

/ Project description /

Icky and Poo are two koalas and two best friends. They live in the eucalyptus branches – a perfect observation post with a 24-hour canteen. Icky is a bit nutty and very spontaneous while Poo is a laid-back philosopher constantly chewing a eucalyptus leaf. Koalas get bored quite often and find remedy in fooling around. When spending time together they discover some curiosities of their bodies by scraping off scabs, sneezing loudly or passing gas right in front of each other’s noses. They use their imagination to discover why our bodies sometimes behave so uncontrollably. „Icky & Poo” is an educational series that explores the mysterious phenomena of our bodies – something children are always entertained by!