project in development
full-length animated film 2D
format 80 minutes


director: Grzegorz Wacławek

script: Kinga Krzemińska, Grzegorz Wacławek
asocciate director: Marta Szymańska

editor: Przemek Chruścielewski

illustrations: Juice 
music: Mikołaj Stroiński
sound design: Michał Fojcik MPSE

production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.

coproduction: Letko Sp. z o.o.

sales agent: Sola Media

Script development co-funded by the Polish Film Institute

Development co-funded by the Polish Film Institute


/ Opis projektu /

Omul, ten years old boy together with his parents, brother Mikro and younger sister Kimi live in the village Krimo near the sea. Once, Omul and Kimi play on the beach. Suddenly, the weather is rapidly changing, there is a huge wave heading to the island. Water covers the children. Under the sea, Omul witnesses when Kimi’s soul is stolen by a mysterious creature — Sadumea, the main character of various legends. At the last moment, siblings are saved by a whale. Omul wakes up in the hospital, where he finds out that Kimi is in a coma. Together with Mikro and Tela the dog, they start dangerous travel to find and save the soul of their beloved sister.