project finished
animated 3D TV-series
format 26 x 11 min


director: Tomasz Niedźwiedź
script: Tomasz Niedźwiedź, Bartosz Słomka
illustrations: Michał Migacz, Bartosz Drejewicz, Sławomir Fedorczuk, Marta Czarneczka
music: Łukasz Targosz
producer: Badi Badi
co-producer: Zav And, Studio Spot, Animoon Sp. Z o.o. (co-production in 1st series 13×11), National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)
more on:
A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production


/ Project description /

Far, far away, somewhere in the great galaxy, there’s a small planet. It’s called Agi Bagi, because it has two sides: Agi and Bagi. This cute place is habited by two tribes – Agingas and Bagingas, who take care of the local plants and animals, each on their side of the planet. Without even knowing about it, together they take care of the planet’s ecosystem. Next to them, in a mink-hole, lives a mischievous little creature, Bumbly. Bumbly likes to stir up trouble – her monkey business and never-ending hunger brings a lot of chaos, but luckily Agingas and Bagingas always manage to save the planet with a bit of teamwork.