project in production

full-length animated film 2D

format 80 minutes


Based on idea by Dominika Krysiewicz

director: Jacek Rokosz

II director: Marta Magnuska

writer: Kas Zawadowicz

script consulting: Agnieszka Mania, Aleksandra Świerk, Dominika Krysiewicz

illustrations: Jacek Rokosz

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Kasia Panas

production: Animoon (PL)

co-production: Basement Animation (NG), Special Touch Studios (FR)

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Script Development

A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Development

Film co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

/ Project description /

Rwanda, April 1994. The long-awaited Red and Blue match is approaching. The banana leaf ball is ready, fans are encouraging their favorite teams to fight. Didi knows it’s going to be a big day. However, during the game, the Fighters enter the pitch and will change the fate of the Rwandans forever. Darkness falls.


Months after the incident, 12-year-old Didi, lives alone in the ruins of a destroyed village. The girl is consumed by hunger and traumatic memories. The reality is not safe – there is no food, feral dogs roam around, and militants may appear at any time.


One day, a boy, younger than her, Eric, who was her friend in her life before the tragedy, returns to the village. But… Eric is a relative of the murderers. Anger and mourning for loved ones come alive in the girl with greater force, and she directs her anger at the boy.


Despite this, the children notice that it is easier to survive together, and as the days go by, they become closer to each other. Soon, Didi realizes that she needs Eric as much as he needs her.