Slow Light

project in production

short 2D/stop motion animated film 

format 16 min



Earlier work made by Kijek/Adamski. A similar technique will be used in the film “Slow Light”.
Title: VOW “To End Child Marriage”
Art design and animation: Kijek/Adamski (00: 09-00: 11)
Agency: Hive New York
Production: Strange Beast

direction and script: Kijek/Adamski

illustrations: Kijek/Adamski

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Piotr Szczepanowicz

supervising producer: Zofia Jaroszuk

production: Animoon sp. z o.o.
Production co-funded by the Polish Film Institute

/ Project description /

A film about a man who is able to perceive only his past. A sentimental way of seeing things makes living difficult for him. Using mixed animation techniques the film intertwines time orders to show the life of the protagonist.