Charlie’s ball

project in development

2D animated TV-series

format 13 x 6 min

director: tba

screenplay: Ewa Martynkien

script doctoring: Piotr Szczepanowicz

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Piotr Szczepanowicz

supevising producer: Zofia Jaroszuk

production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.


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Charlie is dreaming about football career since he got to know the legendary footballer – Wildcat Rich. Charlie is very shy and he completely lacks confidence. His trusted friend from neighborhood – Emil – encourages him to join a local football school. Although Charlie is younger than other children, during the preliminary he gets accepted to the team! At football school, he meets his new friends: pig Luisa and rat Boris. Charlie is training strenuously every day. Soon he successfully gets chosen to join the legendary Giants Team and participates in the qualifying match for Championships of Juniors.