Bella in the belly

project in development

2D animated TV-series

format 26×6 min


director: Jacek Rokosz

script: Jacek Rembiś

producer: Grzegorz Wacławek

supervising producer: Zofia Jaroszuk

production: Animoon Sp.z o.o.


/ Project description /

The series shows a very unique relationship between siblings. Bella lives inside her Mom’s belly. Benny is her older brother. Despite that, they are in perfect agreement. Bella hears every word her brother says while Benny can easily imagine what his sister is doing at the moment only by putting his ear close to his Mom’s belly. Moreover, each shape and object he draws with his finger on her belly gets materialised right next to Bella. Their unique communication lets them discuss everything they want and the subjects seem to be endless. Benny is fascinated with science. Encouraged by his parents he eagerly shares his passion and knowledge with his sister. As they learn from each other they expand their horizons but above all, they have loads of fun!