Project is being considered for financing development by the Polish Film Institute

I season of series in development
Animation series

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Screenwriter: Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Piotr Szczepanowicz
Directing: Jakub Wroński
Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek


Format: 13 episodes x min

Technika: 2D animation

Content: drama series

Intended for: teenagers 15+, adults up to 35 years

lunatykk-01 poprawiony

A candy-floss seller and a Circus
[short description] 

A story of a friendship. Waldek is a candy-floss seller in a circus. He chose this path to escape from a monotonous life he used to live as an engine driver of the commuter train in a big city. The second protagonist – the Boy wants to get a job of a car acrobatics specialist. He doesn't seem discouraged by the fact that he doesn't own a car. He wants to work in a circus to prove his dearest ones that he is a valuable person – which everyone seems to doubt. 

During their trip Waldek and the Boy get to know each other and discover what they run away from and what they chase. Waldek and the Boy will experience surrealistic happenings that will help them understand the nature of friendship and accept who they really are. 

The dreamlike universe surrounding protagonists will help them to seek for the answers to questions they would never had asked themselves even though they are rooted deep in their subconciousness. 



Development co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


The project is being developed.
An 85-minute family-oriented film in puppet animation combined 
with computer animation of characters. 

Production: Animoon
Co-production: Badi Badi, Spot
Director: vacat
Screenwriter: Mariusz Zwoliński
Music: Łukasz Targosz
Ilustrations: Alicja Kocurek
Producer and author of idea: Grzegorz Wacławek




online streaming

on-line games


books for children



Format: 85 minutes

Type: comedy film – crime story

Content: crime, adventure

Intender for: children aged 6-15 and their families


[project desription] 

Fennec is a story inspired by “Joachim the Fox – Certified Detective”, a book by a Swedish author Ingmar Fjell.


The film is set in the Sahara. Fennec is a desert fox dreaming of following his grandfather’s footsteps and becoming a famous detective. The peaceful life of a shoemaker is altered by a letter from Senex, the watchman of the Great Book of the Sahara, which has been stolen. In the wrong hands, its power might change the desert into an ocean. Accompanied by his friends, Fennec sets off to quest for it.


On their way they gain new companions, a lost penguin (always with his fridge) and Fenie, a vixen. The investigation leads to fighting a mafia of scorpions and their psychopathic boss, Philosopher. Fennec and his friends retrieve the Book, save the desert and solve the mystery of his father. The responsibility and danger strengthen the friendship and make Fennec a man.


At times gloomy, the story is largely funny thanks to a spying gap-toothed bedbug following the friends, a pigeon, Lelek, who is in love with her, and camel brothers.

Fennec in the desert 

The main character, Fennec, a desert fox, from an early age has craved following the footsteps of a famous detective… his grandfather, and becoming a detective. His father would prefer him to take after him instead and be a shoemaker as most foxes in the family.


One evening Fennec is visited in their underground burrow by his friend, Beczka (Barrel), whose only aim in life is to eat heartily. Unable to squeeze through the door, he asks Fennec for help and lands on the fox with his buttocks without even noticing. Once Fennec has had a narrow escape, another visitor arrives, the brother of the former one and his exact opposite, Dromek – a slim, effeminate, hypochondriac camel of a narcissistic nature.


After a while there is a knock from the desert postman, Lelek, a pigeon, characteristic due to his constant hiccup and weird, zigzag gait. He hands in a letter to Fennec from Senex, a wiseman of the watchmen of the Great Book of the Sahara informing the fox that the most precious treasure of the desert, the Book, has been stolen by some mysterious robbers. He asks Fennec for help in finding it. With the book in the hands of villains, the desert is endangered with annihilation.

Surprised with the honour, yet unhesitating, Fennec sets off. Soon he is accompanied by his friends. Shortly they are at the heart of events that shake the desert and threaten their lives.

On his way Fennec meets, e.g.: Bartolomeo, a lost desert penguin always with his fridge that he treats as if it was his beloved; a gap-toothed bedbug named Hermenegilda, who is a secret agent and spies on them for some time; a frantic little monkey, Rikszarka (Rickshawess), acting as the Sahara’s taxi driver; and a lovely palaeontologist, Fenia, a vixen, who the young detective falls for.


Fennec’s investigation leads to revealing a mafia of scorpions and a showdown with their boss, Philosopher. The psychopathic scorpion wants to enforce converting the desert into ocean. It would make him an emperor scorpion, like in the past when the whole Earth was underwater. Upon the transformation of his mafia and himself, he would bring his dominion over the world.


The lives of the heroes are in danger. Many of them are facing the dilemma whom to be with, whether to support the creation of a new empire founded on egoism, or to sacrifice for others, risking one’s own life. Many have to redefine their values, change from selfish to noble. Beczka (Barrel), for example, instead of, as previously, seeking food all the time, is seeking justice. His brother, Domek, likewise, ceases to be egocentric and learns that one of the greatest virtues is friendship and helping your companions in danger. At the same time, Hermenegilda, recognizing the hideousness of her former conduct and moved by the selfless love of Lelek, leaves her wicked life and decides to be on the good side.


The story ends with retrieving the Book and revealing the old secret of the death of Fennec’s grandfather. The guilty are punished. The saviours of the Book learn the power of friendship and their lives gain great value. From a naive boy, Fennec becomes a wise adult. Proud of his son, Fennec’s father begins to understand that the young should be given a free hand in choosing their own life mission.


Everything is interwoven with hilarious episodes presenting Hisser, a snake that swallows random objects, e.g. a TV, and falls in love with a vacuum cleaner hose. In the final scene he inadvertently sets off fireworks swallowed before. 




The author od Swedish books for childern Ingemar Fjell
[based on a book]

A Swedish author of light and funny books for children and youth. 



Screenwriter Mariusz Zwoliński
[about the screenwriter]

A music therapist, a pedagogue, author of poems and other writings for children. A graduate from Music Academy in Lodz (music therapy) and Ignatianum Academy in Krawkow (pedagogical training). He runs classes developing musical skills in children, as well as individual and group sessions of music therapy for disabled, autistic, and behaviourally disordered children.


He is the author of a few short comedy screenplays, e.g. “Jak to królewna posiąść męża miała” (A princess to get married) and “Jasełka po naszemu“ (Crèche our style) - staged in Krakow, Sławno, and Podgórki. He also writes educative and speech therapy poems to be used during the classes with children. Recently he has discovered a new passion – writing screenplays for animated cartoons. His debut poem book entitled “Kolej na kolej, czyli co w pociągu nas pociąga” (Railway way. The esteem for steam) was released in 11,000 copies (pub. Terra Nova, 2012).








Scientific project carried out by engineers

Technology idea: Grzegorz Wacławek
Production: OGX | OPTOGRAPHX, Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Team: Grzegorz Wacławek, Prof. dr. inż Robert Sitnik, mgr. inż. Maciej Karaszewski
Carried out in co-operation with: Inspire Consulting Sp. z o .o. Marcin Gosławski, Alicja Matel

Carried out by: Pelican Capture Sp. z o. o.


pelican 01

Measuring puppet animation

 The project „Pelican Capture Stop Motion Technology” is aimed at modernising the stop motion puppet animation technique. It revolves around joining classic puppet animation with the innovative technique of intercepting motion through obtaining 3D coordinates of points using their shots from different camera positions. The technology is to exploit the possibilities of a 3D scanner used for scanning scenic design and puppets.


At first, puppets are to be prepared as plaster models, which allows to assess if each puppet is of suitable proportions, shape and qualities. Then, every puppet is to be scanned in 3D onto a computer. Following the scan, a modeller can make any corrections necessary and give the character its final form. The character will be dressed up in the outfit elements operated by a system imitating the fabric directly in the virtual environment, and equipped with elements providing the puppet with its qualities (adding a rig enabling figures to move naturally within a specified scope).

Puppets will be animated classically, with a stop motion. The OGX Optographx scientific group from the Warsaw University of Technology will write a special programme module ensuring the interception of the frames of animated puppets basing on their photos, and its transfer onto the puppet in 3D. The frame will be animated by puppet animators. This technology frees the postproduction stage of the arduous process of cleansing the received picture from analogue rigs (systems of supports for the puppet in extreme poses, e.g. in the air during a jump) and any faults arisen upon stop motion animation. We keep the classic method of stop motion animation, i.e. handcraft

pelican 04

Scenic design will be kept in a small scale. All elements thus created will be scanned into 3D, along with their texture and colour, with a 3D scanner. As a result, the scanned objects may undergo further animation processing in 3D, which provides more control over the light. With this method of making scenic design one is not constrained to generating artificial computer scenery which would be unable to displace the classic, real, and detailed one.

Moreover, there is no need to construct huge film sets since the scanned scenic design can be calibrated in 3D software. Great costs of servicing animation sets are also thus eliminated, i.e. the cost of lighting, stagehands, animators’ assistants, gaffers, etc. This process enhances the pace of work at separate stages of filmmaking. We avoid faults resulting from the activity of the classic scenic design, whose elements move constantly (wet wood keeps moving, air circulates, temperature alters) during the days of the animator’s work on the puppets’, as well as any irregularities that would consequently require correcting in postproduction (which would boost the costs and delay works). With the use of a rendering farm (great converting capacity of the computers) 3D scans will not be simplified, which allows to keep their original and detailed artistic value. The process also enables the use of complex sceneries on a small scale, keeping low costs and eliminating the risk of missing artistic qualities.

The method of converting stop motion animation into 3D provides also the possibility to change the light, a part or the complete decoration, introduce any change in shots or in the shape or dress of a puppet, its mimics, and even, to some extent, its size and proportions already after the time-consuming and costly process of animation (with the existing technology it required starting anew). We aim at limiting the so-called computer modelling in favour of classic stop motion animation and building real scenic design that cannot be imitated on the computer. In generating scenic design artificially, coincidences have to be planned. Handcraft offers irreplaceable artistic value. The whole complex process is intended to lower the costs and time of filmmaking significantly, keep the most precious elements of puppet animation, i.e. handcraft, abundant details and specific puppet movements.  

pelican 03

About the technology
[technical set up]

The project is aimed at developing a system enabling to perform the measurement of the location of puppets’ frame nodes (classically made with light steel structure along with joints) with the use of optic measuring methods based on photogrammetry. The location of nodes will be determined following the identification of spherical markers fixed rigid to the frame.

Based on the configuration of nodes thus determined and the distance between them, the real model will have the location of frame nodes marked up as well as the frame’s location within the coordinate system related to stage. The location of the frame’s node points will be entered into Autodesk 3dsmax in order to animate the 3D puppet model obtained before, which provides the animation frame of puppets, thus allowing animation with no need for any physical structure of a puppet or scenic design and keeping all the qualities characteristic of handmade stop motion animation.

This task does not require using the expensive film light. No need for the services of professional gaffers. Measurementscan be performed in the available inside light or the light of external flash lamps of the cameras. The costs differ dramatically from the expensive, standard, extended film set. In our technology the set can be operated by two people: a technician and an engineer.  



pelican 02




Project is being considered for possible co-financing from the Polish Film Institute


Project receives the law support from LSW

I season of the series in development
Based on the comicbook by Zbigniew Lengren entitled "Professor Frolic"
Animation series intended for internet distribution and mobile app

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Screenwriter: Kasia Wilk
Directing: Kacper Czyczyło, Jacek Rokosz
Directing (first episode): Kasia Wilk, Grzegorz Wacławek
Music: Karol Obara
Animation of the teaser: Bartosz Ostrowski
Art design: Bartosz Ostrowski
Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek


  • animation series intended for internet distribution

  • on-line game

  • app-book
  • TV

  • VOD

  • merchendising

Format: 52 episordes x 1:11 min

Technika: 2D animation

Content: comedy series

Intended for: children and youngsters aged 8-18, adults

Professor Frolic
[short description] 

The retiree decides to quit his retirement. Professor Frolic – the protagonist of the timeless comic book by Zbigniew Lengren – returns. He is accompanied by his true fellow – a dog named Filuś. The friendship of the playful professor and a disobedient dog guarantees that the common days will be erased with dozens of carefree frolics. The protagonists will transform ironing into an acrobatics show, while a visit at the doctor's office will become a meeting at the battlefield. Get ready for the real adventure that employ a bowler, an umbrella and a wagging tail! 






Development co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Production co-financed by the Polish Film Institute


Development co-financed by the “UE MEDIA” programme

Legal service on the project is provided by the LSW law firm 


The project is being developed
Director: Magda Osińska
An 80-minute family-oriented film in classic puppet animation

Production: Animoon

Coproduction: Film Kompanient (Finland), Kometa Studio (France)
Director, screenwriter, characters’ projects: Magda Osińska
Producer, idea: Grzegorz Wacławek


an on-line film
on-line games
books for children
• merchandising.

Format: 80 minutes
Type: comedy film - drama
Content: adventure
Intendedfor: children aged 3-15 and their families

Technique: stopmotion puppet animation




[project description]


How would you react if one day, in a place utterly vulgar, over a greycollar of his coat there was a… pelican gazing at you?

Why is it that an animal dresses up as a human and what does our world look like through his eyes?

That is, among other things, what “Pelican”, an 80-minute animated film is about. Its apt and young director, Magda Osińska, has beena warded worldwide. The plot is based on a Finnish novel with the sametitle by Leena Krohn. It is a funny, yet moving storyof a bird trying to become human, and a lonely boy for whom the unusual animalbecomes the only friend. The atmosphere of afairy-tale and child’sgullibility interweaves with serious reflexion on human nature, making “Pelican” a film for a wide audience, both children andadults.

Its artistic abundance combined with the puppet animation technique allow the viewers to plunge into the remarkable world of the film, enriched with an attractive musical soundtrack. The film’s producer has cooperated with the Oscar winner for the animatedfilm “Peter andthe Wolf”. The team producing “Pelican” is composed of highly skilled, experienced and repeatedly award-winning, young authors.






The adventures of Emil and Pelican   


How would you react if one day, in a place utterly vulgar, over a grey collar of his coat there was a… pelican gazing at you? Why is it that a bird dresses up as a human and what does our world look like through his eyes?


This funny, yet moving story seen through the eyes of an 11-years-old boy, Emil, is about a bird trying to become human. This unusual bird becomes Emil’s only true friend. The plot serves as a metaphor of growing up and acceptance for oneself and others. The atmosphere of a fairy-tale and child’s gullibility interweaves with serious reflexion on human nature, which makes “Pelican” a film for a wide audience, both children and adults. 






Magda Osińska - an experienced director
[about the director]


Magda is an award-winning animation director, as well as designer and animator. She has experience working on animated short and feature films, commercials and TV. She has worked with Aardman Animations, Arthur Cox, Illuminated Film Company, Breakthru Films, Animoon, Studio Miniatur Filmowych and Se-Ma-For Company. She graduated from the National Polish Film School in Lodz in 2008 with her film Joyets (Radostki) which is currently being developed into a TV series produced by Illuminated Film Company. In 2010 she completed the MA course at NFTS on Animation Direction, graduating with her film Zbigniev’s Cupboard.


After graduating from NFTS Magdalena directed a pilot for a television series Joyets with Illuminated Film Company, and Spirits of the piano produced by Breakthru Films. Spirits of the piano is a 3d stereoscopic puppet animation; it received Best of the Fest 3D Shorts at the Hollywood 3DFF festival and was long-listed for an Academy Award.


Magda has worked on Aardman’s The Itch of the Golden nit and The Pirates! In an Adventure with scientists as well as the Swedbank commercial series. She has also directed commercials for Gu and HSBC with Arthur Cox company.


Currently Magda is the Animation Director of Jan Jakub Kolski’s latest feature film. She is also working on the development of two feature films Jasia and Pelican.





The author ofthe Finnish novel, Lena Krohn
[film based on a book]

Leena Krohn is a Finnish writer, multiple award-winner, including a prestigious literary award “Finlandia” for her book entitled “Mathematical Beings or Shared Dreams” (1992). Her vast collection of works comprises novels, short stories and writings for children, as well as essays. In her books the author travels around fantastic, fairy lands, reflecting on human nature.


“In Human Clothing. A tale of the city” (original: „Ihmisen vaatteissa”) is deeply plunged into children’s world – the world of sensitivity, colours and adventure. It deals, however, with serious problems related to humanity, displaying its merits and demerits seen through the eyes of the Pelican. The universal truths about loneliness and friendship make the book dateless. The novel has been translated into many languages worldwide, including Korean. 




Set designs from teaser of short film






Development co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Production co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


The project is now being produced
Animated series. Based on a book by Przemysław Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak "Hug Me Please”

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Director: Mateusz Jarmulski
Screenwriter: Bartosz Wierzbięta
Art designs: Emilia Dziubak
Music: Łukasz Targosz
Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek
Co-production: Pigeon, Studio Spot


a series intended for online streaming and clasical TV distribution

aplication for mobile platforms

an app-book

 an on-line game

a song



Format: series in 13 episodes (5 minutes each)

Technique: 2D drawn animation

Type: comedy series

Intended for: children 2-7 and adults 35+



Hug me Please
[project desriptions] 

„Do you know the best way to have a good day, my son”? The Bear Cub didn’t know but as soon as the Bear Dad explained that it is enough to give someone a big and warm hug to make the world more beautiful, the little Bear came up with a brilliant idea: “Then let’s go to hug our neighbour, Mr Beaver!”


That is how the unusual story of a father and son’s excursion begins. On their way they will amaze, enchant, amuse, and bring self-confidence to many forest animals. And they will learn that giving to others we also give to ourselves. 


hugme 01

Hug Me Please


„Hug Me Please!” – this moving and funny story by Przemysław Wechterowicz, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak has inspired the screenplay of a film addressed to the youngest, a bit older ones, and the fully adult viewers.


One day spent by two bears – a father and a son – on hugging all the forest inhabitants, regardless of the level of intimacy between them, appears to be the best idea for sharing leisure-time. On their way our protagonists encounter different characters and reactions, but a simple hug seems to break the ice each time. In the end the crucial moment of the day comes – the father and son hug each other.


The story will provide parents and children with ample occasions to laugh, talk about our relations with others, and hug each other spontaneously many a time. It shows how one warm gesture can change someone’s days radically.

Not wordy and without unnecessary twists, the story is convincing in its message of what is really important. 


hugme 02

Przemysław Wechterowicz
[about the author]

The author of books for children, e.g. “Great Dreams”, “Snowflake and Blackie”, “The Ant gets married”, and “In the Pursuit of Life”. In private, a big fan of meerkats and poppy-seed cake. If he met a goldfish, he would ask for: a small space rocket, a hacienda in Peru, and long hair. In his free time he sees his wife. 


hugme 03


Emilia Dziubak
[author of ilustrations]

Born in 1982. In 2010 she graduated from graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. She illustrates books and press. She made her debut in 2011 with a cookbook for children entitled “Fun with the fussy eater”. The book made the shortlist in a competition for the most beautiful illustrated books (4th CJPicture Book Award in Korea). Her illustrations were printed, among others, in some major magazines, e.g. Gaga, Przekrój, Wprost, and Art & Business. 



hugme 04


logo eng


hugme 05


hugme 06





agibagi 05                

Production co-financed by the                               International Sales Agent
Polish Film Institute                                                   Your Family Entertainment

Series in production.
Scheduled finish - 2014.

Director: Tomasz Niedźwiedź
An animated series for kids 2-5

Producent: Badi Badi

Co-producent:  Animoon, Spot, Andrzej Zawada
Music: Łukasz Targosz

Like it! http://facbook.com/theagibagi
Visit our website http://agibagi.com

Production possibilities:

  • Tv series-traditional

  • VOD mobile

  • on-line games

  • social and mobile

  • music and songs

  • books for children

  • merchendising.

Format: 13 episodes x 10 min

Type: comedy adventure series

Topic: ecological education

Przeznaczenie: preschoolers and children to age 5

agibagi 01

agibagi 02 1

agibagi 01 1

The planet Agi Bagi, what it's all about
[project description] 

Far, far away, somewhere deep in outer space, there is a small planet. It is called Agi Bagi, becouse it has two sides - Agi and Bagi.

Both sides of this charming little planet are inhabited, and the natives form tribes called Agingas and Bagingas. Both tribes take verygood care of their local plants and animals, respecting the natural world on their side of the planet. Without even knowing it, they worktogether to preserve the joint Agi Bagi ecosystem. The planet is also home to a mischievous, somewhat goofycreature – the Bumbly. Bumbly lives in a little burrow, and can cause a lot of trouble with its greediness and silliness. 
It’s a good thing that the Agingas and Bagingas can work together to restore harmony to the little planet.


agibagi 03 1

The adventures of Bodjo & Zeebee

The series tells about the adventures of two protagonists: Bodjo and Zeebee. They live on the planet Agi Bagi. Their daily goings-on serve as a backdrop to the story of the relationship between the two civilisedraces which inhabit Agi Bagi - the Agingas and Bagingas. The Agingas look like a cross between a snail and a bunny, and their main occupation is planting seeds and tending to their growth. They also like to make music by playingflute-like wind instruments which they call Flutyflutes. The sound of a Flutyflute makes the plants and small animals which inhabit theplanet happy.


agibagi 04 1


The Bagingas live on the other side of the planet. They prefer a wet, marsh-like environment. They live among the roots of Aginganplants. The Agingas and Bagingas come together with nature to create a particular ecosystem, and together they tend to the upper and lower parts of the plants.

Each episode tells a new story about their natural co-dependence, and in almost every episode, Bodjo and Zeebee work to restore order and harmony on Agi Bagi. They are helped by such secondary and tertiary characters as Strongman without Pants, Felek and Myfka, Chief Shifoo, Psycho-owl, the Gleeglucks and the Butterbunnies.


agibagi 02

Ecological education
[a value of the series]

The main value of the series is its capacity to educate young viewers on matters of ecology.


Basicconcepts of life in harmony with nature are described in an amusing, yet clear and educational manner. We strive to avoid overlycomplicated themes and terms; the show encourages a conscious and ecological attitude towards nature in general, instead offocusing on particular species or animals or plants. The events on Agi Bagi show its young viewers what can happen when theharmony of nature is disturbed. Above all, the project aims to promote ecologically conscious behaviour among young children.Through the subtle, yet understandable exposure of the relationship between humans and nature, the children learn how to respecttheir natural environment. Such behaviour is rewarded at the end of each episode by the restoration of harmony in the protagonists’little world.

agibagi 05 1

The series displays a variety of other educational values. It points out positive behaviour and attitude, demonstrating thatcircumstances out of our control (such as a flood, a sun that oversleeps, or fallen trees) can be dealt with if we work together. Thechildren also learn about the importance of friendship (Bodjo and Zeebee), love (Felek and Myfka), helping those who are weaker (therescuing of the Bagingas), justice, faith in oneself and one’s dreams. By example of the Bumbly, we prove that greed and lack ofmoderation often lead to trouble.

The most obvious theme in the series is provided by the planet’s unusual two-sided topography, and illustrates the power of acommunity working together. The Agingas and Bagingas actively seek solutions to the problems they encounter. Concepts which areslightly more difficult to grasp are explained through friendly animation, separated from the rest of the series by a different design andtechnique. These short clips help the children understand the basic mechanisms present in the natural world.


agibagi 03

Series successes
[Agi Bagi worldwide]

The project has received letters of intent of purchase of screening rights from all Polish television broadcasters, among them TVP, Polsat, TVN.

The project has earned the involvment of the international German sales agent Your Family Entertainment, listed on the stock marketsince 1999. YFE is licensing the series out to international broadcasters. Thanks to our sales agent Your Family Entertainment, well-known TV channel Jim Jam is co-producer of the series and over 100 TV channels want to screen “Agi Bagi”.

The project has the media support of 12 Polish media companies involved in children’s products. Wirtualna Polska, one of the largest Polish online portals, is an official patron of the Agi Bagi brand. Along with the creators of theseries, WP plans to start a themed children’s channel under our brand.

The series project has received five grants from the Polish Film Institute for its promotion. Additionally project received grants for development and production from Polish Film Institute and thanks to this fact is in production right now. The series was presented at the international television conventions: Mip Junior and MIPCOM in Cannes, Cinekid in Amsterdam,Cartoon Forum in Toulouse in September 2012, Visegrad Animation Forum in Trebon in May 2013, at MIFA 2013 in Annecy and FilmBazaar 2013 in India.

The project was presented during more than 80 meetings with international broadcasters, including: Nickelodeon UK Alexi Barniech,The Walt Disney Company Beth Gardiner, Milimages SA. Moonoscope, Marathon Media, BBC Children’s etc.

The project is the only one in this part of Central and Eastern Europe to be presented as part of an international group to a committee of experts in the largest children’s content broadcaster – Nickelodeon. This committee selects projects for co-production, purchase and investment.


Technology partner



Media support

agibagi 04 

Project is being considered for possible co-financing by the Polish Film Institute


Project receives the law support from LSW

I season in development
Animated series intended for internet distribution

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Co-production: Studio Pigeon
Directing, screenwriter: Krzysztof Ostrowski
Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek


  • animated series intended for internet distribution

  • on-line game

  • app-book
  • song

  • childrens' book
  • VOD

  • merchendising

Format: 13 episodes x min

Technika: 2D animation

Content: comedy series

Intended for: teenagers 15 years old, adults up to 35 years

superlotra 2

[short description] 

How much one has to struggle in order to become evil? Especially when he lacks predisposition. Who could know better how difficult that is than a shy, overweight thriteen year old who was trained to be a supervillain from his very early childhood by his parents – a couple of clumsy but ambitious comicbook villains. 


The thirteen years old that wonders which is more difficult – taking control over the world or surviving a break at the junior high school which he attends. 

Nothing seems to be easy when you are an offspring of super ambitious but financially broken family of supervillains with rich tradition.     

How to come up with the plan that will help you to reduce a world to a pile of rubble and avoid the consequences? If the road to hell is paved with good intentions the question is where the real evil intentions can lead? 


superlotra 3

superlotra 5


superlotra 4

superlotra 6

superlotra 1


Being produced
Scheduled finish - 2014.

Fennec App Book for iPad and iPhone, based on a feature film with the same title.

Director: Grzegorz Wacławek
Screenwriter: Mariusz Zwoliński, Magda Osińska
App Book produced with 2D cut-out animation.

Production: Animoon
Co-production: Badi Badi, Spot

Directors: Grzegorz Wacławek
Screenwriter: Mariusz Zwoliński, Magda Osińska

Music: Łukasz Targosz
Author of ilustrations: Alicja Kocurek
Aaniamtion author: Marta Magnuska
Producer and author of the idea: Grzegorz Wacławek

Format: App Book

Type: comedy, crime fiction 

Content: crime, adventure

Intended for: childred aged 6-15 and their families

fennec 01

Fennec App Book
[projekct description] 

Fennec” is an adaptation of a witty and exciting book entitled ”Joachim the Fox – Certified Detective” by a Swedish author Ingmara Fjell. The story refers to one of the most lasting dreams of childhood - dream of adventure.

The fancy to become a private detective solving a mystery crime is one of the ideas most appealing to children’s imagination. With the immanent gullibility of a child, the main character, Fennec, shares the dream and decides to put it into practice. Proper dress, overdrawn props associated with the archetype image of a detective, ingenious, though conventional disguise – not only make perfect comedy features…

They also are legible symbols for every child (and, surely, every adult that remembers childhood amusement), symbols of a conventional world becoming a true and serious challenge with just a little bit of imagination. 


fennec 02

Production of the 1st season is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Legal service on the project is provided by the LSW law firm.

The 1st season of the series complete.
Let's meet on You Tube Channel
An animated series intended for online streaming.

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Co-production: Badi Badi, Grupa Smacznego, Oko, Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Spot

Director and screenwriter: Kasia Wilk
Music: Łukasz Targosz

Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek


• a series intended for online streaming

• an on-line game

• an app-book

• a song

• books for children


• merchandising


Format: 13 episodes (4 minutes each)

Technique: drawn animation

Type: comedy series

Intended for: teenagers aged 15, adults 35+

The project is based on a diploma film by Kasia Wilk entitled “Bear Me”, produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, producer: Anna Matacz


The film has been awarded: 

Lodzia po Wisle, Warsaw / Poland (13.-15.04.2012) – Special mention of the jury
Palm Springs Intern Best Student Animation
Bayside Film Festival, Australia (25.-28.07.2012)- International Award Jump Cut
Pentedattilo Film Festival, Pentedattilo , Italy (24.-26.08.2012) – Best Animation
FESA, Belgrade /Serbia (01.-02-09.2012) – First Prize, Best Student Film
Melaka Art & Performance Festival, Malaysia (21.-23.09.2012) – Best International Animation
European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2012, Belgrade , Serbia (02.-06.10.2012) – Best Student Animation
Reanimania, Yerevan, Armenia (03.-09.11.2012) Junior Jury Award for Best FilmFFest,

Cluj, Romania (22.-26.11.2012) - Best Animation
Short Story Film Festival, Providence, Rhode Island (24.11.2012)- Audience Award Heartstrings
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany (28.11.-02.12.2012) – Best Animation

Capalbio Cinema ISFF, Capalbio, Italy (28.-31.12.2012) – Junior Teens Prize (2nd)
Cleveland Int. Film Festival, Cleveland; OH , USA (03.-14.04.2013) – Best Student Animation
Festival int. Du court metrage, Cergy-Pointoise , France (05.-07.04.2013) – Best Animation
Internationales Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien, Austria (10.-14.04.2013) – Best Animated Film
Independent Days Filmfest, Karlsruhe, Germany (24.-28.04.2013) – Best Animation
Freshly Squeezed International Student Short Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland ( 12.05.2013) – Audience Award
Media Fundation for integration and cultural diversity in Europe, Berlin (16.05.2013) – European Young CIVIS Media Prize


Kasia Wilk's Blog: bearmemovie.blogspot.com

berame 02

Bear Me

[project description]

"Bear me” - a funny series about a girl and an indocile bear cub. Lili, the main character and narrator, tells stories of her adventures with a little bear that she has met at a bus stop. In a witty way she depicts the relations between a human and an animal.


The Bear is raised by Lili in her apartment, in the city centre. On the one hand, he feels a human and her friend, on the other, he remains a wild species with its natural needs. The warm and humorous series shows the everyday life with a “beast”, rich in absurd and amusing moments.


Each episode makes a different story covering diverse aspects of the life with a bear – a friend and a beast. In some episodes the girl and the bear travel and Lili talks about the new places that we can also see from the perspective of a clumsy and inquisitive little bear. The series is filled with hilarious situations which expose human vice and weaknesses a little ironically.


The series is based on a diploma film by Kasia Wilk produced during her scholarship in Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. 


The diploma received the following main awards:


Palm Springs International ShortFest 2012 Festival, the USA – the 1st award for the Best Animated Student’s Film

International Award 2012, Bayside Film Festival's Jump Cut, Australia 

“Łodzią po Wiśle” Polish Festival 2012 – honoured as the best animated film


The series is intended for online streaming and addressed to a wide audience of 15 – 35+ years of age.

berame 07

Bear Me



“Bear me” is a witty series about the adventures of a girl and her bear. The main character, Lili, is also the narrator for all the episodes. Through her eyes we observe the everyday life with an adolescent bear. The story offers ample absurd situations flavoured with tricky humour.


Lili lives on the second floor of a town tenement house. A nice, slightly clumsy girl, she is indefatigable in her optimism. One day at a bus stop she meets a lost and lonely little bear. As she says – the bear has lovely eyes and his fur smells with hay, so she doesn’t have to think twice on deciding to take him home. She is not concerned with any problems of providing for a wild animal, indifferent to the fact that one day her hairy friend is going to be as big as a piano…


Enchanted with her pet, Lili does not mind the clumsiness of the bear, who makes havoc in her little apartment. Her downstairs neighbour (Miss Pumpkin), however, holds a different opinion on a bear living in a tenement. The elderly lady and her nasty ratter do everything they can to embitter the lives of Lili and her indocile bear.


Each episode of the series covers a different story, displaying diverse aspects of the life of Lili and her bear – starting with obligatory baths, through going for walks together, to jealousy and enforcing one’s whims. In one of the episodes the girl and the bear go to New York and meet Woody Allen and Sarah Jessica Parker. Fascinated, they observe the American Dream. Then they travel to Israel, where they become acquainted with Amir; the bear tastes jealousy for the first time in his life. In some other episode they go to the seaside to learn the rules of sunbathing. Yet a different one depicts their excursion to the forest and the little bear’s first contact with his species. Each episode offers a unique fascinating story of the coexistence of humans and animals, and humans with other men…


The following series of ‘Bear me’ would be about Lili and her new companions: a crocodile, and penguin, a snake, a koala, and a pelican. Each of the animals has different physiognomy, character and needs, which provides new possibilities for presenting various relationships and their nature. 


berame 06

Director, screenwriter Kasia Wilk
[about the director and screenwriter]

Kasia Wilk was born on September 13, 1984 in Łódź. Already in her early childhood she showed interest in drawing and illustrating. Aged four, she did her first work on a wall in her grandma’s apartment – a free improvisation with a sausage. Having started her high school (XXX LO of Łódź) in 1999, she enrolled for a drawing workshop and exam training courses for the Academy of Fine Arts, where she had intended to study. At that time she also got interested in film and learned the art of animation.

In 2004 she started her studies at the National Film School in Łódź. She made 4 drawn and cut-out animated films. In 2010 she went for a year’s scholarship at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, where she made her diploma film, 'Bear me'. In 2012 she defended her diploma at the National Film School in Łódź. After the premiere of her diploma animation at the “Lodzia po Wisle” festival (where she was honoured for the Animated Film), she was offered the production of a series based on "Bear me".


Kasia’s diploma film has so far been awarded 18 times at different festivals worldwide, including Best Animated Short at Cleveland festival, which allowed her to compete for the Oscar for an animated short. In May 2013 she was shortlisted (one of three) for the film category in “Talenty Trójki” (The talents of Polish Radio Programme 3). 


berame 03

berame 04


berame 05




Development co-financed by the “UE MEDIA” programme



Production co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre



The project is being on end developed.

Direction: Darko Bakliza
An 80-minute family-oriented film in 3D CGI

Production: Diedra (Croatia)
Producer: Dino Krpan
Partner-producer: Vinko Bresan

Partner producer company: Film Zagreb (Croatia)
Co-production: Animoon (Poland); SL Film UG Silvia Loinjak (Germany)

Co-production from Polish site: Spot


• cinema
• an on-line film
• on-line games
• songs
• books for children
• merchandising

Format: 80 minutes
Type: comedy film - show businees
Content: adventure
Intendedfor: children aged 6-15 and their families



Love, adventure, show business...only smaller!
[project description] 

„Cricket & Antoinette” jis a project conceived late in 2009 after a very successful theatre play "The Cricket, the Ant and the Crumb", based on La Fontaine's fable and directed by Darko Bakliža. The project is envisioned as an animated feature film in 3D with musical elements for children audience aged 8 to 12 and their parents.

In the famous French fable, hard work and sacrifice are true virtues opposed to the superficial joy of life. This rigid point of view is still present in modern society and is diminishing joy and importance of other qualities in life as well as disregarding the freedom of expression.
Our aim is to unveil a world where differences co-exist in acceptance. "Cricket and Antoinette" is a humorous story dealing with genuine qualities of life: love, tolerance and overcoming obstacles. Main characters, the cricket and the ant (Cricket & Antoinette) stand for two separate worlds, the world of noise, chaos and creativity on one side and the world of work, order and discipline on the other. Despite all differences, both fall in love and manage to create harmony in their little worlds.

First Croatian animated feature length film with international potential.


The commitment of famous artists
[project description]

Being inspired by French fable the project carries a pan-European dimension. The universal character of the project was confirmed to us by early involvement of famous Russian animator Alexei Alexeev and Nigel Davies, director of Aardman, the world famous British production company. Our goal is to gather a production team, combining talent, skill and experience both from Croatian professionals and experts from other countries. 

From the beginning of development, the project was conceived by European co-production framework and already at this stage cooperation with German production company SL Film, as a co-production partner, has been achieved. We possess letter of intent by one of the strongest regional distributors, Continental film, as well as the one from Pandastorm Pictures for distribution in Germany and German speaking countries which opens the door to European market.

The film is supported and monitored by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Zagreb film and foreign film institutions. The project was successfully presented at professional conferences in Croatia and abroad, from Annecy and Animafest to Cartoon Movie 2013 in Lyon, central European Pitching Forum, where it was chosen as one of the 18 projects in development for presentation to potential partners and investors. The key confirmation of the project value was the one received from the European fund MEDIA, managed by the European Parliament which allocates funds for the development of major film projects in the area of all EU countries. We have ongoing negotiations with the French-Belgian production company Nozon film, Inspire Media Entertainment from the UK, as well as with Animoon film from Poland and several vendors from other EU countries in order to achieve the expected international potential.



Cricket & Antoinette

Ket, the guitar playing cricket, falls in love with a clever young female ant by the name of Antoinette. As winter approaches, they get separated. She ends up trapped in her Ant house, waiting for the arranged wedding with a scheming ant, while Ket is invited to a human house nearby, by a Parrot, a wannabe musician, to teach her music.

Against all odds, the Human discovers Ket’s talent, and presents him and the lousy singing parrot at an animal talent show. Instant fame and glory become a burden for Ket, being far away from his love. At the same time the parrot enjoys it, and manipulates Ket to continue performing together.

The father of the ant marrying Antoinette, being a villain in the story, conceives an elaborate fraud. Antoinette, however, plans to escape from her wedding, to join Ket in the human house, where she thinks he still lives. Meanwhile, Ket is at a Christmas concert, in a city in the far south, where the sunny summer atmosphere makes even Santa Claus sweat. Fortunately, he escapes, and returns just in time for the wedding, amidst a snow storm. As he returns, Antoinette tries to escape to the human house and nearly freezes to death, but the force of love and music brings her back to meet her love Ket in an atmosphere of Christmas festivities and winter tale.



Darko Bakliza
[about the director]

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, where he is now a Professor on Animation department. His animated short films The First Story (2002), A Date (2004), Theory of Reflection (2006), Homo volans (2008) and Format (2009) were screened at more than 90 festivals throughout the world, winning twelve domestic and international awards including the award for the best direction on Croatian film days in 2005.


Alexey Alexeey
[story advisor]

Born in Moscow, Russia. He attended Russian University of Cinematography with a focus on film and animation and became the Creative Director of Studio Baestarts and Varga Studios in Budapest. He worked on TV commercials for TV8, Panasonic and Gepard, as well as animated music videos for MTV. His short KJFG No.5 was worldwide audience favourite in 2008., and it served as a pilot of the LOG JAM series, one of the most successful European animation projects recently, receiving dozens of awards, and being acquired by Nickelodeon.


Animation 3D CGI

The film will be made in 3D computer graphics by using the latest techniques of modelling and texturing in order to achieve the atmosphere and visual richness as well as the originality of artistic style. Considering the aforementioned technique, there is also high possibility of realisation in the stereoscopic 3D technology as it is currently the most sophisticated form of film screening.



Production is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Legal service on the project is provided by the LSW law firm.


The series is in production.

Scheduled finish - 2016.

Director: Michał Poniedzielski.

Animated series intended for online streaming.

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Co-production: Grupa Smacznego, Michał Poniedzielski, Firma Prawnicza LSWStudio Spot

Based on a book by Przemysław Wechterowicz and Aleksandra Woldańska – Płocińska entitled “The Ant Gets Married”, “Wydawnictwo Czerwony Konik” Aleksandra Krzanowska-Wrzecion (pub.)

 Screenwriter: Bartosz Wierzbięta

Music: Łukasz Targosz

Producer: Grzegorz Wacławek
Supervising producer:



a series intended for online streaming 

an on-line game

an app-book

a song

books for children



Format: 13 episodes (3 minutes each) 

Technique: 2D cut-out animation

Type: comedy series

Intended for: teens aged 15, adults 35+ 


The Ant gets married 
[project description] 

“The Ant Gets Married” is an animated series inspired by a book with the same title by Przemysław Wechterowicz and Aleksandra Woldańska.

The title character lives in an anthill which, actually, could be any typical European metropolis – as the Ant could be any typical European, well-educated and ambitious, young woman. She works for a corporation, goes to a beautician, attends yoga classes, is trying to lose some fictitious weight, watches TV, and reads tabloids. She dreams of being a successful woman: independent, professionally fulfilled, beautiful, and happy.

Unwittingly, however, she craves great love, maybe even kids and a family… Our story begins when the Ant recognizes the need and decides to fall in love. Though theoretically easy, it actually appears nearly impossible.

In the following episodes we learn about some better and worse candidates for a husband or at least for a relationship. We take part in the emotional dilemmas of the main character, observing the progress of her life decisions, rejoicing and suffering. The “big drama” of each episode is contrasted with the everlasting silence of space, wars, floods, earthquakes, and other “trivial” things whose echoes reach us from time to time from the outside world…


mrowka 2

mrowka 3

Director Michał Poniedziel
[o projekcie]


We want to present the perspective of an ant living here and now… rather a “corporate” one. A "business woman" stuck somewhere on the career ladder – not too low but not high enough either – who suddenly realizes something is missing even in her seemingly perfect life. That is: love. Being a self-reliant and self-assured woman, the Ant decides to cope with the problem in a highly methodical, yet completely inadequate, way.


Respecting the delicate nature of the feelings we are discussing, we are far from making it a plain comedy. Neither do we want to offer a simple satire on human characters. Not in the least are we enforcing farting gigs or laughing stock. We are seeking the truth about missing something crucial in life and aiming to present it with cordiality and some detachment that we have for ourselves – a little lost at times, too. 



mrowka 4

mrowka 1

mrowka 5


mrowka 6


 kobieta jak ta

 Project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Short animated film 

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Screenwriter and Direction: Marta Pajek 
Producer: Piotr Szczepanowicz

Supervising producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Kuba Karwowski
Co-production: No Label

Running time: 7 min

Animation technique: drawing on paper


Woman such as that

The protagonist of part II is a woman who trips and falls, while rushing around the house.
She gets up, only to discover, that her home has unusual features – it is built from paradoxes, filled with illusions and covered with patterns.


kobieta jak ta



Triptych Impossible Figures and other stories
[short description] 

'Impossible Figures and other stories' is an animated film project in the form of a triptych. It is inspired by the concept of the impossible figure –a figure, which can be drawn according to the rules of perspective, but cannot be constructed in reality.

Each part of the triptych is such an impossible story about the pursuit of fulfillment and perfection in a reality full of illusions and paradoxes. Each part takes place in a different space – I. in a City, II. in a Home, III. – in a waiting room, which witnesses the meeting of two Strangers.


strip-tease 04


strip-tease 05


w koncu 03


w koncu 04



 Project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Short animated film 

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o.
Screenwriter: Tomasz Popakul 
Director: Tomasz Popakul 
Producent: Piotr Szczepanowicz
Supervising producer: Grzegorz Wacławek, Kuba Karwowski

Running time: 19 min

Animation technique: 2D and 3D animation 


Happy hardcore
[short description]

90ties. East-Central Europe. A teenager runs away from her home and leves behind depressive surroundings of her home town. Soon it turns out that the espape is not an exciting adventure as she has nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. She is forced to find whichever job that comes and starts working in a dodgy pole bar. It is not long that she decides to quit it.

A stranger called Chudy - who whitnessed her first performance as a pole dancer – decides to help her. He punishes the bar's owner very badly. Chudy, who wears dreadlocks is and older man who wonders around in his car that he also adapted as his home. He offers her a ride that suddenly becomes a sort of sleepover. The young girl gets to know Chudy who turns out to be very proficient as it comes to the knowledge of psychoactive drugs. A particular affection grows between them – they resemble a couple but yet they act like brother and a sister.

Chudy introduces the girl to the windings of „the secret knowledge” of drug deadling. The girl travells with him and works as a drugdealer. Soon, their relationship will get very complicated. Happy hardcore is a story of people who acidentally turned their lives into hell.   





Project is being considered for possible development grant by the Polish Film Institute

Feature-lenght animation

Production: Animoon Sp. z o.o., Breakthru Films
Script: Bartosz Wierzbięta, Hugh Welchman
Directing: vacat
Producer: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Grzegorz Wacławek
Art designs: Monika Palosz

Lenght: 80 min

Animation technique: 2D or 3D animation


[short description]

Zo is 11 and she lives in the typical suberbs. Her father - facinated by legend of the Wild Westthe brings her up in respect to the similar values. When Zo discoveres that his work has nothing to do with the cowboy ethos, and the ranch is in reality just a big meat factory she decides to steal her father’s access card and free one of the cows. She wants to rescue the cow from certain death and walk her to the ecological farm. She sets on a journey that is inspired by the epic journeys of the genuine cowboys in the far West. 


It soon turns out that life of a cowboy and especially dealing with the cow is not that easy task. What’s even worse Zo is followed not only by her worried father but also thugs from the meat factory wanting to hide the fact that the cows were given illegal steroids. Luckily in the end Zo’s father turns out to be her best ally and helps his daughter to reach the destination. The factory’s dodgy dealings are revealed and all the cows are set free. An ecological farm run by Zo and her father is built on the place of the former meat factory.